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23 September 10:00

Hack Tour
Workshop. Hackathon. Gamepub. Let's do it.

The Slush x Junction Hack Tour is back in Stockholm. For the second year in a row, Slush - the world’s leading startup and tech event and Junction, Europe’s largest hackathon has teamed up with Excitera, the student driven organization for entrepreneurship at KTH. For this year, we wanted to do something bigger, better and special for all of the students and young professionals in Stockholm.  
Check out the schedule for the day and register for the events you want to participate in.

[10-12] Workshops
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With 46elks – Explore access to open data through APIs and learn how to use code to send and receive sms. You'll become familiar with terms like; response headers, json/xml, versioning, and get to explore real live APIs hands on with modern tools.


With Searchmint  – Calling AI-enthusiasts; Applying Artificial Intelligence to Talents.

[12-13] Lunch
Courtesy of A3J Consulting 💙

[13-18] Hackathon
Two separate hackathons themed after that morning's workshops will be taking place.

Prizes for the two winning teams will be:
-Tickets to Europe's biggest hackathon, JunctionNov 24-26
(substantial part of the cost of transportation reimbursed)
- Tickets to Slush 2017, Nov 30 – Dec 1st in Helsinki!

[18 -  ] Gamepub
We will be setting up a fun gaming party after this eventful day. We'll have some pizza & play Mariokart, FrozenDev's superfun multiplayer game 8Bit Fiesta, and Logtown's soon-to-be released VR game Cloudborn.

Lunch, dinner, drinks & snacks will be provided!

All you need to know

Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 46 A, 112 34 Stockholm (Codes to open the doors will be sent out via email) 
We're neighbors with Webhallen & an asian food store. Pass the gates & through the "tunnel" at the end of which you'll see big bicycle wheels. Door A will be on your left side. Up the stairs first floor!

T-bana/Metro: Blue & Green Lines, Exit: Fleminggatatan/Sankt Eriksgatan, Västermalmgallerian...

(Fleminggatan/Sankt Eriksgatan is the closest stop)
- 1 (Frihamnen ⇠⇢ Stora Essingen)
- 3 (Karolinska sjukhuset ⇠⇢ Södersjukhuset)
- 4 (Radiohuset ⇠⇢ Gullmarsplan)
- 53 (Henriksdalsberget ⇠⇢ Kulturskolans hus)
- 56 (Stora Essingen ⇠⇢ Hornsberg)
- 77 (Karolinska sjukhuset ⇠⇢ Liljeholmen)

For the event:

Bring your own computer. Sharing one works as well!

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Organized by


Entrepreneurship Society of KTH Royal Technical Institute, Stockholm.


World's leading startup event
Nov 30–Dec 1, 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.


Built Europe's biggest Hackathon.
November 24-26


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A3J Consulting

A web tech agency. Based in Stockholm. 
Hosts of this event 


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